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Song of the Day # 489

From: bb (@ on: Tue Aug 17 22:29:58 EDT 2004

Song of the Day: mounathil viLaiyaadum manasaatchiyE from nool vEli.


- Saravanan writes:

Sung by M.Balamuralikrishna. Lyrics by Kannadasan. Music by MSV.

The unusual plot of I.V.Sashi’s Malayalam film aa nimisham (1977/Cherupushpam Films) caught KB’s fancy and he set forth to adapt the core plot; and adding his inimitable deft touches, he presented it as nool vEli (1979/ Kalakendra Movies). Sridevi had won laurels for her performance in the Malayalam original, and in Tamil, Saritha walked away with the honors. Sujatha was equally impressive in a brilliant, subtle performance. Saratbabu, Narayana Rao, Ramanamoorthi and Anumanthu were the others in the cast.

A happily married man, in a mad moment of weakness, seduces a girl who is their ward. His wife unexpectedly witnesses the despicable act. The happenings in the aftermath form rest of the story. The film was strengthened by KB’s seasoned handling of a sensitive theme, and powerful performances by the three lead players: Saratbabu in the role of the remorse-torn architect Babu, Sujatha in the role of his wife- the writer Vidya, and Saritha in the role of Baby- the innocent, playful girl-next door who grows up overnight to a woman wrecked by guilt.

MSV and Kannadasan, as usual for a KB venture, came up with a set of memorable songs:

naana paaduvadhu naana- SPB, VJ & LRA
thErOttam ananda shenbagapoovaattam- SPB
veeNai sirippu aasai azhaippu- SPB & VJ
mounathil viLaiyaadum manasaatchiyE- MBK

* * * *

"Padmavibhushan" "Sangeetha Kalanidhi" “isai pErarignar” "Gana Sudhakara'' "Sur Singar'' "Geeta Kala Bharati''……the titles, doctorates, fellowships and awards that have been conferred on Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna are too many to recount. Suffice to say, he has richly deserved them all. Let us, on this platform, confine our recollections to his tryst with tfm. He made an enchanting entry in Sridhar's kalaikkOyil (1964); the song was ‘thangaratham vandhadhu veedhiyilE’. But in spite of subsequent success in immortal songs like ‘oru naaL pOdhumaa’ (thiruviLaiyadal-1965), he could not make it big as a playback singer in Tamil. Nevertheless, he brought lingering lustre to each song that came his way, be it T.K.Ramamoorthi's ‘aruLvaayE nee aruLvaayE’ (sadhu miraNdaal-1966), S.Rajeswara Rao's ‘aadhi anaadhiyum neeyE’ and ‘chinna china kaNNE’ with SJ in bhaktha prahalada (1967)- MBK himself acted as Narada in the film, T.G.Lingappa's ‘puththam pudhu mEni’ with PS in subadhinam (1969) or the two wonderful songs for KVM in kaN malar (1970): "thOdudaya seviyan’ (with Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi) and ‘ambalathu nataraja’ (with SJ).

After seven long years of a drought in opportunities, it seems to have rained and poured in 1977. Three music directors seemed to suddenly wake up to the magic of his voice ….S-G employed his vocals to soulful effect in ‘ramanum neeyE krishnaNum neeyE’ (uyarndhavargaL). Kunnakkudi Vaithyanathan made him sing for MGR in navarathinam. And Ilayaraja capped it all with ‘chinna kaNNan azhaikkiRaan’ and ‘aayiram kOdi kaalangaLaaga’(kavikkuyil). In this second innings, MBK went on to sing some memorable songs in the following years. ‘mounathil viLaiyaadum manasaatchiyE’ ranks foremost amongst them.

Learning that Kannadasan was not keeping well, sometime in 1981, BMK decided to call on him. And by the strangest of coincidences, the kaviyarasar was at that very moment listening to ‘mounathil viLaiyaadum manasaatchiyE’. Kannadasan’s eyes lit up when they sighted the singer at his bedside, and he grasped BMK’s hands, as emotion-choked words of praise came pouring out. It was an unforgettable moment for BMK.

* * * *
Launch forth, my soul, into a main of tears,
Full-fraught with grief, the traffic of thy mind;
Torn sails will serve, thoughts rent with guilty fears;
Give care the stern, use sighs in lieu of wind:
Remorse thy pilot; thy misdeeds thy card;
Torment thy haven, shipwreck thy best reward.

-----Robert Southwell (St. Peter's Complaint)

The deed is done; the perpetrators have been witnessed in action. The picture perfect household falls headlong into turmoil--- Can things be the same ever again? A husband filled with shame and sorrow, a wife whose each glance is replete with reproach and scorn, the other woman shattered physically and mentally…. Penitence is barred; the torturing, gnawing consciousness of guilt is the horrendous punishment …guilt that pursues inexorably, armed with whips and stings. ‘ragasiya churangam nee, naadaga arangam nee, sOdhanaikkaLam allavaa.. nenjE thunbathin thaayallavaa.. oru ganam thavaraagi, pala yugam thudippaayE, oomaiyin paribaashai kaNgaLil vadippaayE’ - Kannadasan’s mighty pen flies furiously, as the lines beckon the wretchedness of the havoc wrought by a stern, questioning conscience…BMK brings a remarkably pensive delineation…. MSV conjures up a saga in sama--

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