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Golden Globes

Overall, the Golden Globes were fun. Rachel Weisz looked like she came right out of the next Dracula movie, Scarlett Johannson looked very gorgeous, Reese Witherspoon was in a bad fancy dress competition, Natalie Portman looked more anorexic than ever, George Clooney's wise-ass quip about Jack Abrahmoff came off very well, Ang Lee took himself very seriously, Harrison Ford looked very drunk, I missed seeing the four Sex and the City girls, a few more biopics on singers were ordered after Johnny Cash's pic won big awards (as did 'Ray' last year), Paul Giamatti had his King Kong make-up on and big thumbs down for Melanie Griffith and Geena Davis (is she really that huge?). Now, let's wait for the Oscars.

Meanwhile, the real golden globes on display were these :)

- Balaji.

15:10:00 - 17.01.06 - balaji - Movies - 15624x