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Thursday, 19.01.06

Wacko Dads

Sports has seen more than its fair share of wacko fathers. More nut cases turn up as Dads of famous atheletes. Steffi Graf's father Peter Graf was involved in a scandal with a Playboy model and tax evasion. Be it Gata Kamsky's control-freak father Rustam who announced that Gata Kamsky would leave competitive chess for good to study medicine (because he could make more money as a doctor than as a chess player) or Richard Williams, the father of the Williams sisters, or Jim Pierce, father of Mary Pierce (who used to shout from the stands, "Mary, kill the bitch"), or Mirjana Lukic's dad Marinko who beat up the women in his family, colorful personalities have invaded the sports world with talented kids in tow. For sheer lunacy however, no one comes close to Damir Dokic, the father of tennis star Jelena Dokic.

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