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Tuesday, 27.09.05

Will Roe v. Wade matter?

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I was following the John Roberts nomination and hearings, and most of the veiled attack seemed to center on his stance on Roe v. Wade. The left and the right seem to think that Roe v. Wade will dictate the judicial landscape and a woman's right to abort will be seriously affected if Roe v. Wade is overturned by a conservative Supreme Court. I was thinking how the health care climate has changed over the years and how it will change drastically as outsourcing health care goes prime-time.

Currently, the thinking on outsourcing is on the lines of cutting cost. i..e., going to India to have a surgery done at a cheaper rate than here in the U.S. But, outsourcing can also mean that outlawed practices like late-term abortion (or abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned) can also be done overseas. As the rates fall and "medical tourism" takes off, it will be very affordable to have such procedures done elsewhere. What will the right do about it?

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Sunday, 25.09.05

Political Mardi Gras--How to pay for Katrnia, Part II

Since tax cuts are not popular with the president and since half of the suggestions by Tim Grieve’s article aren’t practical or likely to happen under the current administration, perhaps other means of fundraising or cost cutting need to be explored.

How about cutting a chunk of the budget in one over-indulgent area that might solve much of New Orleans woes? I know most people for or against this area’s budget get overly excited when discussing this, I’m only suggesting a 25% cut for one year; a whole 100 billion dollars of it. That’s right, 419 billion dollars is budgeted for defense. This is not an arbitrary number, I got it from the Budget for Fiscal Year 2006.

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Tuesday, 20.09.05

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- Balaji.

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Wednesday, 07.09.05

Make Hay While Katrina Strikes

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During disaster times, there are people who rise up to the occasion and contribute without grabbing a whole lot of attention to themselves. Then there are selfish suckers who look at the tragedy and think, "Hmm.. How do I capitalize on this one and make headlines?". These are folks who just have to sell their wares and obnoxiously pretend to be sympathetic to the victims. Hurricane Katrina too brought these worms out of the woodwork.

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Friday, 02.09.05

Kepler's Bookstore goes out of business

One of my favorite bookstores in the Bay Area, Kepler's, closed down for good Wednesday. It is a sad moment, the fall of a popular independent bookstore, one that was not an ubiquitous Barnes & Noble. Situated in the heart of Menlo Park, it was a good experience going to the store and browsing the books there and getting out to Cafe Borrone next door. Somehow, the collection and arrangement of books in there was unique that would distinguish itself from a chain store. It had a distinct Bay Area focus and more often than not, featured authors who were popular locally than nationally. The book signings and meetings with authors used to have a full house. it was there that I saw KGO's Ronn Owens, "America's Doctor" Dr.Dean Edell among others when they came on their book tours. I was hoping to go to see Salman Rushdie (he was supposed to be there at Kepler's on 3rd October). Unfortunately, they could not afford to pay huge rents and had to shut shop.

Clark Kepler has a short note on the closing here . San Jose Mercury News and SanFrancisco Chronicle have covered it , people who've been in the Bay Area much longer than me are feeling nostalgic.

Kepler's was also the place where I met fellow Predicate author Udhaya for the first time.

Hopefully, Books Inc would stay on and not be the next to go. Need to go to its store in Mountain View for old time's sake.

- Balaji.

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Thursday, 01.09.05

Katrina Relief Efforts

To find out where you can donate, see here. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of scam sites that look authentic but are not.

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The Times-Picayune reports that looting has become such a big problem that officers are abandoning their search-and-rescue missions to handle this situation. Looting has also forced Nursing Home staff to learn to shoot the looters so that their invaluable scant resources are not taken away.

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The wikipedia page on Katrina is probably the most comprehensive. Technorati's page on Katrina falls flat because half the blog posts there do not offer any information. Finding and processing information from the innumerable blogs is still a big challenge.

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The other major catastrophe half way around the world - 1000 people dying in an ugly stampede on a Baghdad bridge. The images of thousands of shoes, slippers, clothes and other belongings in a huge pile all along the road.... what is there to say? I hope factions on either sides of the political spectrum when it comes to Iraq do not turn this tragedy to benefit their own agenda.

- Balaji.

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